Welcome to Dragon Coop! I’m Paula Marilo, a Freelance Illustrator from Puerto Rico who never let go of her dragon phase from middle school, and together with my partner Geb, an Agronomist turned Doodler who has an obsession with chickens, we make Dragon Coop! 

We started our shop in 2019 to share our love of Chickens and Critters, either famous like Pokemon or yet-to-be-created like my dragon drawings. Every critter gets some spotlight in this little space. 

Geb and I draw everything in the shop and work with different manufacturers to make products in small batches. This shop is our full time jobs, and we love investing our time into making wonderful items for you to enjoy.

In Dragon Coop, we strive to make your world full of fantasy and wonder through products of the highest quality! We also love to give back to critters in need, and have collaborated with non-profit organizations like UAnimals in Ukraine, Save a Gato in Puerto Rico and even local pet rescuers who need a helping hand doing the wonderful work they do. We think all critters are magical, especially the ones in need.

We’re currently working on a mega project over at the Hidden Critter Club: we’re world building the world of the Bookwyrms, small little dragons who love to explore and learn about the magical world around them. We hope to expand this project into books, board games and maybe even a video game!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Dragon Coop and explore our magical world of Dragons and Chickens!