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Bitty Basilisk Plush

Bitty Basilisk Plush

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The Bitty Basilisk is a very cranky chicken dragon who just hatched!

The plushie is 8 inches (20 cm) tall, features embroidered details and the cutest little talons! This might just be the roundest plush ever, and it is SO cozy and huggable. You're going to love squeezing this lil' guy. Plus, the little feetsies dangle and are so fun to play with!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
10 out of 10 in my kid's opinion

Sturdy, and currently the best thing since sliced bread. She runs around screaming "FIRE" with it.

Raúl Vargas
Itty Bitty Witty Sitty Basilisk

We absolutely love our little chook. I got him on preorder and my gf and I have fallen in love with him. Good size and cozy too!

Diego Ayala
Adopting a Basilisk

Honestly this little guy is very adorable and I love it! It's good quality and looks pretty durable.

Gabriel Torres
Itty bitty dragon is so cute!

I've been waiting on the plushie and it's great! I love the extra things that came along.